Things To Bring To Rehabilitation during-rehab

Allowable Things To Bring Inside The Treatment Facility

Rehab treatment centres permit certain things and prohibit certain items; you should know the policy of your rehab treatment facility beforehand.

Treatment centres are enforcing stringent rules when it comes to contrabands and prohibited objects inside the facility. Majority of them has a prescribed essential list and exceptions to bring with you during your stay at the centre.

The admission process begins as soon as you check in. All the items that are not allowed will be eliminated at this step. All the details of what you came in with will be recorded in the patient property book.

Supplies are permitted in the therapy clinics. Different centres have different policies in place for extra stuff.

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How To Know What To Pack

Most rehab centres have their own website featuring a "What to Pack" webpage, where you will find information regarding what is allowed. You can also get this info on their website. Although not all centres offer a checklist, some provide the patient in order to prepare them prior to admission. If you are still unable to find the information required you are advised to contact the admissions office of the rehab. They will be able to provide you all the answers to any questions you may have about what you can bring. They can also provide you the information regarding the procedure for the admission along with providing you an explanation for their policies if you have any concerns.

The Things That Are Necessities In Many Rehabs

Set of regulations are severer than others depending on each clinic.

Below are some items that are most recommended

  • A list of names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the people you want to be part of your therapy (those you care about, medical professionals, 12 step guarantors, etc.).
  • Jewellery that means the most value to you just like an engagement or wedding ring.
  • Except for the above you are advised to leave all valuables at home.
  • You can carry an alarm clock which does not have a radio.
  • It is important to get in touch with the rehab clinic before as some of them provide these objects.
  • The original bottle from the drugstore with the information label integral and your actual prescription medicine.
  • It is recommended that all liquid medications be newly purchased and sealed.
  • You are also allowed to carry a list of all your medications along with the dosages required.
  • Some cash can also be carried in small amounts £50-£100 in smaller bills for vending machines and store runs.
  • Your check book, credit card and debit card for the payment of treatment medications are also allowed.
  • Identification information.
  • A calling card [if the facility chosen by you needs them for long-distance phone calls].
  • Your personal journal.
  • Stamps and envelopes for mailing letters if you wish to.
  • Photos of your family members and friends.
  • There are some items that you will get inside the rehab.
  • If you wish to carry reading materials for yourselves, you must understand that the subjects must only be on the recovery, self-help and spiritually oriented.
  • Small notebook are the best since they are not heavy.

What Clothing You Can Carry

Some centres have prescribed dress codes or limitations that you have to consider. Include clothes for different weather conditions in your bag if you don't know how the climate is going to be.

You have to bear in mind that the sizes of the rooms in the facility may not be as big as your room at home.

Attire for a week is sufficient as you should be able to wash your clothing in a laundry machine at your centre. Packing on clothing that is easy to wash and will not require dry-cleaning will prove helpful.

Some of the best type of clothing to bring along with you are

  • Shoes An everyday comfortable shoes, a training or sports shoes for fitness activities, and flip flops for showering
  • Shirts If you have tank tops you should also be looking forward to packing some cardigans to wear along with them to comply with the dress code of the centres.
  • Pants Comfortable pants fit for any occasion
  • Shorts Lengths may be determined by the centre to comply with a dress code.
  • One or two smart dresses for special occasions.
  • Socks
  • Undergarments.
  • Bathing suit Choose one-piece suits for woman and trunks for men.
  • Nightclothes.
  • A Jacket/Coat.
  • Bath robe.
  • Belt.
  • A hat.
  • Slippers.

Products Recommended For Personal Toiletries And Beauty

Rehab centres require every toiletries and beauty products to be free absolutely from alcohol. There are other centres that will let you bring products that do not contain alcohol in the first three ingredients. You will not be allowed to carry aerosols.

These toiletries and personal products should be enough you to last thirty days especially

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair styling products [pump hairspray only]
  • Comb/brush
  • Feminine care products
  • Shaving cream
  • Body lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup

Items That Are Prohibited In Rehab

Certain items are not allowed inside the premises of rehab centres. The prohibited items are not allowed to keep you safe and on the path of recovery Please find below the list of objects that are forbidden, it may be different from clinic to clinic

  • Liquor and any form of drug
  • Prohibited prescriptions and other narcotics
  • Arms (pistols, blades, scissors, piercing objects, etc.)
  • Pornography
  • Food items
  • Toiletries and beauty products which contain alcohol (mouthwash, perfume, etc.)
  • E-cigs
  • OTC medicines that are not allowed and have been opened before
  • Nail products
  • Computer games
  • Games equipment
  • Skimpy clothes
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning supplies [bleach, ammonia, etc.]
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Games and playing cards
  • Candles and incense
  • Statement shirts with explicit or statements in reference to drugs, violence or substance abuse

The items mentioned in this list could very well surprise you and lead you to believe that games like playing cards, video games, DVDs and sporting equipment are indeed safe. Retrieval will be better off without such distractions. They will provide screening schedules or any equivalent at their specified time.

No food and drinks from cooked or prepared by external sources are allowed. You will get 3 main meals, along with snacks and beverages. You should inform your facility beforehand in case you are on a special diet.

These Items Are Permitted By Some Clinics But Not Others

Every rehab centre has its own policies and some may prohibit an item which is allowed at the other. You may wonder but some centres allow these items inside the facility

  • Smartphones and Laptops
  • You will be able to use these items at certain times if they are permitted by your clinic.
  • Just make sure that your chargers and power cords are brought with you.
  • Cigarettes
  • You may be allowed to smoke at some time.
  • A limit to cartons available at these centres is usually established.
  • Multivitamins and OTC Drugs
  • These products must be new and unopened.
  • Chewing gum
  • They shouldn't have been opened before.
  • MP3 and CD Players
  • You should not be able to access the internet with these device else it will taken from you.
  • Camera
  • Cameras should also not access the internet.
  • Throwaway or Electric Razors
  • Due to their dangerousness, razors may be forbidden in certain clinics.
  • The rehab you check in might allow some type of shaving equipment.
  • Nail Clippers
  • It depends with the requirement in the facility.
  • Objects That Make You Feel At Home
  • You may have permission to bring your own bedding, pillows, and objects that help you feel relaxed.
  • Don't pack any of these objects without contacting your clinic first.

Can I Get Prohibited Items Back That I Accidentally Took

Don't freak out if you bring along something forbidden after you get to the clinic. You close relative will be advised to go back with these items. Someone you trust can also come to pick them up from the facility. Your objects can be kept at the centre until you finish your therapy.

In case you live alone and are planning to check in by yourself. You should check with the centre what items are allowed and what are not before packing. In case you pack something, which is prohibited by mistake you will want to ensure that those items will be returned during some stage. In case they do not do temporary safe keeping, then inquire if they can facilitate shipment to someone you know.

Packing For Rehab Can Be Easy You are just required to follow the policies of the centres and ask plenty of questions if you are unsure about any items. Look for a packing checklist on the website of the rehab will make the process of packing even easier. As a generally suggested idea, pack and travel light and keep it to bare essentials.

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